About me

I am an amateur photographer and I live in southern France.

I've started to take pictures a few years ago because I wanted to keep memories of all these places I had visited for rockclimbing. Since then I've discovered street photography and felt in love with it (but this is not an easy relationship because I do not live in a big city and opportunities are very rare). I'm also attracted to other disciplines like portraiture or documentary.

Since 2023, I've started to post on my Instagram account (@bonzography). It is meant to be a kind of blog for the pictures that do not make it to the portfolio but could be worth sharing. I'm also glad to get some direct feedback on my pictures and some interactions with others.

. Solo exhibitions:

2006 Les yeux dans le vide, Toulouse, France
2008 Lost in space, Toulouse, France
2009 Lost in space, Barcelona, Spain
2010 Disorder, Toulouse, France

. Group exhibitions:

2009 MAP, festival de la photographie, Toulouse, France
2009 Friendly group exhibition at la Chapelle, Toulouse, France
2009 Traces exhibition at le Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse, France
2018 Street Sans Frontières at l'Espace des arts sans frontières, Paris, France
2019 Street Sans Frontières at la gallerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, France
2022 Festival de street photography de Saint-Pathus, France

. Awards:

2008 Winner of the netherlandish Vertical Vision photo challenge
2009 Award winner of the SFR Jeunes talents national selection
2009 Award winner of the Traces exhibition selection
2013 Proud member of the Leica Myself book international selection
2018 Honorable mention Monochrome Awards (International b&w photography contest)
2020 Grand winner in the classic street series category of the Paris International Street Photo Awards
2022 Finalist at the street photography contest of the Saint-Pathus festival.

. Contact:

If you want to buy a print or use one of my pictures then feel free to drop me a message.